David Rives

David Rives

Author, Speaker, Researcher, TV Host

The Creator left a pattern of His fingerprints across each corner of the universe, found in every crevice on earth, and imprinted in every cell of our bodies. A pattern that David Rives has devoted his life to researching, revealing, and sharing… while declaring the glory of God through scientific study.

David’s world travels and research has made him an in-demand speaker with an abundance of knowledge and his powerful and inspirational delivery makes learning about Bible history and science fun and easy for audiences of all ages. His weekly TV show “Creation in the 21st Century” airs to millions globally on TBN. He is a weekly news columnist on science and the Bible, and author of the books “Wonders Without Number” and “Bible Knows Best.” Featured on the History Channel, DirecTV’s NRB Network, WND, TBN, Dr. James Dobson’s FamilyTalk, FaithLife, CBN, ETV, METV, and heard daily on radio, David’s exciting life and world travels are documented on his ministries’ active Facebook page with over 100,000 active followers.

With his energy and enthusiasm, David’s number-one goal is to awe those he meets with the incredible accounts of discovery, Biblical accuracy, and science. He shows us that each person is “wonderfully made” with purpose – a biological miracle from our Designer. He has led dinosaur field trips, safaris to Africa, expeditions into the Grand Canyon, and shared the Gospel to millions along the way.

New Podcast!

The Wonders Without Number Podcast is a new show that also has a companion subscription video service (Genesis+) that dives into relevant topics in creation science today. In-depth interviews and engaging content make this the go-to podcast if you’d like to learn about all the wonders that God offers us in His creation.

Want to listen? Check out the player below or simply fire up your podcast player of choice and search ‘Wonders Without Number’ and you can subscribe. It’s absolutely free!

New Video Service!

Genesis+ offers some of the same great content from our Wonders Without Number Podcast – but with video! Download high-definition video of any of our episodes, all companions to our podcast. Many extras are also included, like transcripts and curriculum to be able to teach these in your home or church. It’s an excellent resource for your congregation or your home schoolers – and all for a small flat fee per month.

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Genesis Science Network

Launched as a missions-based tool by David Rives Ministries, this free 24/7 TV channel broadcasts globally. Watch live NOW online, or on FireTV or Roku.

The Creation Club

A place for Biblical Creationists to Share and Learn – with over 2,000 articles available in 5 different languages.

The Creation Superstore

World’s Largest Origins-Related Store. Over 1,000 books, DVDs, homeschool resources, fossils and more in stock. Shop today!

Creation in the 21st Century

Hosted by David Rives, and airing every Saturday at 12:30pm Central on TBN, this weekly TV show is available in 100,000,000 households in America.

Free Monthly Magazine

Delivered to your door each month, The Creation Club Magazine contains science and Bible history articles, children’s activities, ministry news, and more. Subscribe for free.

Genesis Science Minute

A fresh, new daily radio feature. Fun, inspiring, and easy to understand relating cutting-edge creation science to our daily walk with Christ.

Wonders of Creation Center

Just 40 minutes south of Nashville in Lewisburg, TN, experience science exhibits and Bible history displays as well as monthly special events. 

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Secrets Beyond the Rim

Our biggest project yet! A feature-length documentary on the Grand Canyon. Watch the trailer.

Animals of Alaska 

In conjunction with Dr. Jobe Martin, we have produced two documentaries on God’s Living Treasures.

Bible Knows Best Book and Documentary

David’s second book and most requested speaking topic.

2021 African Family Safari!

Join David Rives on the adventure of a lifetime! African Photo Safari and Creation Tour. Learn more!