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David Rives
Exploring the world – exploring the universe – and praising the Creator. A diverse and spiritually inspiring program unlike anything that you have ever seen before – a dynamic program that is literally “out of this world.”

David has been featured on the History Channel, is seen on Christian television around the world, and reaches thousands each week by way of his video commentaries.

Through archaeology, creation science and astronomy, author, recording artist, and global explorer David Rives provides a unique and multi-faceted program that leaves audiences in awe of the Glory of God.

For booking, contact David Rives Ministries – booking@davidrives.com Phone: 931-212-7990

From the mountaintop fortress of King Herod, to the quarries of King Solomon deep below the Old City of Jerusalem, the Holy Land comes alive as David takes audiences on an unforgettable adventure to recently discovered sites; some of which have not been seen for thousands of years. See what few people have ever seen: Today underground quarries remain hidden beneath the Old City of Jerusalem and according to Jewish legend, temple treasures may have been transported through those passageways. Some scholars believe that the Ark of the Covenant was among those treasures.

By way of large screen video and high definition photography, join David on the steep cliffs of Qumran where the famous Isaiah Scroll was found fully intact after thousands of years. See the ashen remains of the Cities of the Plain – Sodom and Gomorrah – and hold in your own hands pieces of ancient brimstone that will still burn today – unlike anything seen anywhere else on earth.

Creation / Evolution:
Most people do not really believe that an explosion 14 billion years ago resulted in what we see around us or that human beings evolved from apes. Even so, that is what is taught as fact in most of our schools and universities. The Bible tells us that God made man in His own image. The complex design we see in everything around us is no coincidence. The unproven theories of a Big Bang and Darwinian evolution attempt to take God out of the picture entirely. They lead us away from our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine and by way of animation and song David thrills Bible believing audiences as he pokes fun at the absurd nature of many of the theories of evolution.

Did you know that traveling at the speed of our fastest spacecraft it would take us 70,000 years just to reach our closest star? The Heavens Declare the Glory of God. By way of astro-photography and large telescopes David takes you on an awe inspiring journey through the wonders of our Creator’s universe. Using easy to understand terminology and interactive demonstration, audiences of all ages begin to grasp the words of scripture: Great things past finding out; yea, and wonders without number.

As an option, weather permitting, the action moves outdoors for breathtaking views of the universe by way of a large 16 inch telescope. A time for exploration and learning as some of the world’s most powerful hand-held lasers seem to touch the stars and planets.

Praising the Creator Through Music:
Songwriter and accomplished musician, David Rives sings praises to the Creator with lyrics that call our attention to the truths of scripture. Powerful songs from his debut album “FOREVER”, from classic hymns, to contemporary christian, to country gospel, audiences of all ages and preferences come away with a song on their heart.

David Rives’ dynamic performance is literally… Out Of This World!
For booking, contact David Rives Ministries – booking@davidrives.com Phone: 931-212-7990

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