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Did you know that video content accounts for over 70 percent of all online traffic?  Social media is a great platform for people to share their thoughts and views. Millions of people engage using this platform on a daily basis, but who is winning in the war of worldviews? The religion of atheism spends billions of dollars to reach young people!

You might be asking yourself: “Can I really make a difference?” The answer is: “Yes, you can!”

With your help, we can change the tide! We must make the case for Creation in letting people know that the Genesis account of Creation and the Gospel message can be trusted and we must use the best technology to reach millions by sharing the Gospel and declaring the Glory of God through science and the Bible.

You deserve the best defense of your faith and David Rives Ministries is building it!

Please join our social media team The Creation Crew today and help us spread this message. A message of hope and purpose across the world! We are making an impact but we have a long way to go, and YOU can get us there! Every day we post educational and inspiring videos on our page. All we ask is that you share the video each day with your friends on social media.

Through our online community The Creation Crew, YOU can have a direct influence on millions of lives across the globe!