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Thank you for your interest in having David Rives to your area. If you want to learn more about the ministry, please visit ABOUT US.

David is a powerful and dynamic public speaker whose presentations are extremely visual, including interactive audience participation, live music (if pre-arranged), videos, and an educational, inspiring message that transcends generations.

His current topics for church/school/conferences/motivational talks/private events:

  1. Bible Knows Best– Hidden Gems of Astoundingly Good Science and Sound Advice in the Scriptures

The most requested talk. This seminar covers  the remarkable migration of the Arctic Tern, the Paths of the Sea, germ theory, the stretching of the heavens, complexity of DNA, dinosaurs in the Bible, and more.

  1. Wonders Without Number- Created with Purpose or Conceived from Chaos?

We will look at complexity of the human body, design within mathematics, Earth’s position in the solar system, the wonders of the Human body, and wonders throughout the Cosmos.

  1. Exploring God’s Creation- From the Dead Sea Scrolls to clams in Kansas, Global Biblical proofs through exploration.

Through photos and video, travel to sites with David and learn of caves and cavemen, historical research in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran, and dinosaur paleontological excavations that document the global flood.

Check out a 30 minute version of his top presentation below:


To schedule David, please contact booking at:

Email address: booking (at)

Phone (931) 212-7990