Founded by David Rives Ministries in 2015, this free TV network has been airing 24/7 around the globe since April 2015. When David started in ministry, he was frustrated with the lack of Christian options when it came to Bible history and science. While the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet were popular TV channels airing spectacular documentaries on science, nature, and history, they so often took an atheistic approach. David passionately proclaims “Why can’t we give the Creator glory for His Creation?” and thus, Genesis Science Network was born. Watch LIVE below:

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We broadcast this network free, 24/7, even at tremendous monthly bandwidth costs to us, because David believes this is the only way to reach those who NEED to hear. If we want to reach atheists, agnostics, skeptics with the truth, we simply can’t expect them to pay for a service that they don’t really want to start with.


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