Wonders Without Number Video Series

Over 90 video titles in DVD format and broadcast around the world on television.

Hosted by David Rives, this weekly TV show explores the Wonders of God’s Creation – Wonders Without Number!
Exploring God’s fingerprints throughout the Universe, and His infinite number of wonders, using science and Biblical history. Utilizing top experts in multiple scientific fields, David Rives succinctly breaks-down complex topics into laymen’s terms. Both educational and inspirational, this religious program provides evidences and witnessing tools for the Christian faith.


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Ep. 100(Coming Soon)(Coming Soon)
Ep. 99Too Many ZerosJames Gardner
Ep. 98The Truth About DinosaursJames Gardner
Ep. 97Worldviews Have ConsequencesJames Gardner
Ep. 966 Facts About FossilsDr. John Whitmore
Ep. 95What the Rocks Reveal (Journey of a Geology Professor)Dr. John Whitmore
Ep. 94COCONINO – The Origin of Grand Canyon’s Sand DunesDr. John Whitmore
Ep. 93God Parted the WatersTimothy Mahoney
Ep. 92The Exodus – Fact or Fable?Timothy Mahoney
Ep. 91Who Wrote the Pentateuch?Timothy Mahoney
Ep. 90Dinosaur Tracks, Eggs, and BonebedsMichael Oard
Ep. 89The Mystery of the Woolly MammothMichael Oard
Ep. 88The Great Missoula FloodMichael Oard
Ep. 87F3: Fast Flood FossilsJoe Hubbard
Ep. 86Design – The Final ProofJoe Hubbard
Ep. 85One Deadly BiteJoe Hubbard
Ep. 84Mutations: Helpful or Harmful?Dr. Kevin Anderson
Ep. 83True From Cover to CoverBryan Osborne
Ep. 82GENESIS: The Foundation of the GospelBryan Osborne
Ep. 81Snowflake Bentley and Animals of the ArcticDr. Jobe Martin
Ep. 80Symbiosis on the ReefDr. Jobe Martin
Ep. 79Turtles, Armadillos, & Platypus: Stasis ExplainedDr. Jerry Bergman
Ep. 78Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds, and ForgeriesDr. Jerry Bergman
Ep. 77The Real Origin of SpeciesDr. Kevin Anderson
Ep. 76T. Rex: King of the DinosaursBuddy Davis
Ep. 75The Human Body: Poorly Designed or Perfectly Crafted?Dr. Jerry Bergman
Ep. 74The Wonder of FlightDr. Andy McIntosh
Ep. 73Bombardier Beetle: Chemical WarfareDr. Andy McIntosh
Ep. 72DNA: A Message from GodJohn Mackay
Ep. 71Fast Forming Caves!John Mackay
Ep. 70Fossils and the FloodVance Nelson
Ep. 69Flood Chronology and the Fossil RecordDr. Tim Clarey
Ep. 68Dinosaurs! Terrible Lizards of the BibleBuddy Davis
Ep. 67Darwinism: The Doorway to AtheismDr. Jerry Bergman
Ep. 66A Skeptical Look at AtheismDr. Andy McIntosh
Ep. 65Fracking The Fables: The Origin of Earth’s OilDr. Tim Clarey
Ep. 64Secrets of the Ice AgeDr. Tim Clarey
Ep. 63Paleontological Paradox: Dinosaur Soft Tissue!Dr. Kevin Anderson
Ep. 62Population And The FloodJay Seegert
Ep. 61The Dark Side of DarwinDr. Jerry Bergman
Ep. 60Dragons: History. Myth. Legend.Vance Nelson
Ep. 59Reshaping the EarthDr. Andrew Snelling
Ep. 58Geology and Dating MethodsDr. Andrew Snelling
Ep. 57The Flood: Fossils & RocksDr. Andrew Snelling
Ep. 56The Case of “68 Million Year Old” Soft Tissue?Dr. Ed Boudreaux & Dr. John Demassa
Ep. 55Information: Evolution’s Missing LinkDr. Ed Boudreaux & Dr. John Demassa
Ep. 54Vestigial Organs: From 100 to NoneDr. Jerry Bergman
Ep. 53Evolution: Feasible or Fairytale?Jay Seegert
Ep. 52Scientific Evidence For The Inspiration Of The BibleJay Seegert
Ep. 51Magnetic Fields In A Young UniverseDr. Russell Humphreys
Ep. 50It’s a Young World After AllDr. Russell Humphreys
Ep. 49Starlight In A Young UniverseDr. Russell Humphreys
Ep. 48What Does The Evidence Lead To?Jay Seegert
Ep. 47Evangelism: By the BookJay Seegert
Ep. 46Creation to Christ – The Old Testament in a NutshellJay Seegert
Ep. 45Recognizing Logical FallaciesMike Riddle
Ep. 44Fuzzy Words and Magic Words of EvolutionMike Riddle
Ep. 43Educating for Success! Training and Equipping the Next GenerationMike Riddle
Ep. 42The Power of the Whole GospelMike Riddle
Ep. 41Assumptions and the Age of the Earth: Radiometric DatingDr. Michael Houts
Ep. 40Assumptions and the Age of the Earth: Carbon DatingDr. Michael Houts
Ep. 39Assumptions and the Age of the Earth: The Big BangDr. Michael Houts
Ep. 38Conversation StartersDr. Michael Houts
Ep. 37The Fingerprint of GodDr. Kevin Anderson
Ep. 36Uncovering Created Kinds – Plants and Animals in the BeginningTodd Elder
Ep. 35Secrets to Critical ThinkingMike Riddle
Ep. 34It Didn’t Happen By ChanceBuddy Davis
Ep. 33Beauty and Mathematics in NatureDr. Andy McIntosh
Ep. 32Could Evolution Happen?Bryan Osborne
Ep. 31Slaying the Giants – The Top 4 Reasons Students Believe in EvolutionDr. Dan Biddle & Pat Roy
Ep. 30But Monkeys Don’t Cry…John Mackay
Ep. 29God’s Environmental Cleanup SystemsDr. Jobe Martin
Ep. 28Amazing Creatures that Proclaim CreationDr. Jobe Martin
Ep. 27Amazing Animals of the Great Ice AgeBuddy Davis
Ep. 26The Incredible Human Ear – A Masterpiece of GodDr. Andy McIntosh
Ep. 25Lucy Exposed – Putting Human Evolution’s Leading Icon to RestDr. Dan Biddle & Pat Roy
Ep. 24The Biblical Answer to Racism – It’s Not About Skin ColorBryan Osborne
Ep. 23The Origin of Genetic Micro-MachinesDr. Joe Deweese
Ep. 22Topoisomerase II – DNA’s Natural DetanglerDr. Joe Deweese
Ep. 21DNA – God’s Blueprint For LifeDr. Joe Deweese
Ep. 20The Crimson Worm – A Pattern of God’s Plan of RedemptionDr. Jobe Martin
Ep. 19Marvels of the Mouth – A Dentist Looks at DesignDr. Jobe Martin
Ep. 18Changed Heart – The Truth of Creation Impacts an EngineerDenis Siler
Ep. 17Teaching Creation Science – A Science Teacher’s PerspectiveJim Rankin
Ep. 16Dinosaurs Downunder – Thorny IssuesJohn Mackay
Ep. 15Dinosaurs Downunder – The FloodJohn Mackay
Ep. 14Dinosaurs Downunder – Jurassic ArkJohn Mackay
Ep. 13Extra-Solar Planets – And the Search for Extraterrestrial LifeDr. Danny Faulkner
Ep. 12Craters Throughout the Solar SystemDr. Danny Faulkner
Ep. 11Dasha Theory – A Starlight and Time SolutionDr. Danny Faulkner
Ep. 10Toppling the PillarsMike Snavely
Ep. 9Dinosaur Delimma – Where Do They Fit In History?Mike Snavely
Ep. 8Secrets of the Ancients …And the Downfall of AmericaMike Snavely
Ep. 7God’s Word Preserved Through AdversityRusty Maisel
Ep. 6Information Explosion – Gutenberg and the Printed BibleRusty Maisel
Ep. 5Manuscripts – Who Wrote the Bible?Rusty Maisel
Ep. 4Prophetic Patterns in the TabernacleDr. Chuck Thurston
Ep. 3Holy Bones – The Human Skeletal SystemDr. Chuck Thurston
Ep. 2Body Codes – Throne Rooms WalkingDr. Chuck Thurston
Ep. 1The Hebrew Word “Yom” – What’s in a “DAY”?Paul Taylor


In late 2014, the first episode was released, and quickly began receiving airtime on television. With tens of thousands of DVDs sold, this best-selling series is great for any science or history-lovers who want to learn more about our Christian faith and the discoveries that point us back to Biblical truths.