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Wonders Without Number Video Series

Over 120 video titles in DVD format and broadcast around the world on television.

Hosted by David Rives, this weekly TV show explores the Wonders of God’s Creation – Wonders Without Number!

Wonders Without Number Video Series

Exploring God’s fingerprints throughout the Universe, and His infinite number of wonders, using science and Biblical history. Utilizing top experts in multiple scientific fields, David Rives succinctly breaks-down complex topics into laymen’s terms. Both educational and inspirational, this religious program provides evidences and witnessing tools for the Christian faith.


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Watch every Saturday at 11:30pm Central on DirecTV’s NRB Network.

Watch LIVE on our YouTube Channel every Tuesday at 3pm Central

Watch on GSN every Sunday at 6:30pm Central

Watch on METV every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 9am, Seen in every cable home in Israel, via the HOT cable network and YES DTH.



New episodes are constantly in production today. This series first began in late 2014 and continues to be broadcast around the world. With tens of thousands of DVDs sold, this best-selling series is great for any science or history lovers who want to learn more about our Christian faith and the discoveries that point us back to Biblical truths.

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