Brand New Website!

Welcome to our new website design!

I am excited about the new format, which allows for a lot of current articles and news, as well as a brand new design, thanks to professional graphic designers who have donated their time and effort.

We are getting some wonderful comments on our WND videos:

“The Theory of Evolution is just that, a “theory”. Nothing more.”

“There is no scientific evidence supporting macro-evolution, and neither is there any evidence supporting the creation of life in the theory. The two black holes of evolutionary delusionalism.”

And of course, we’ve gotten our share of criticism:

(In reference to the Bible) “As a fairy story it’s dull and overlong, and as a moral guide it’s full of psychopathic cruelty and sociopathic behaviors.”

Well, we are going to keep telling people that it is the one and only MUST-READ! …David Rives