Carbon Dating with David Rives and Dr. Mike Houts on TBN

Watch “Creation in the 21st Century” with David Rives on TBN this Saturday, June 20th at 12:30pm Central. Join David as he welcomes Dr. Mike Houts to
the program.

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Those who oppose Christianity will often point to the supposed ancient age of the earth, claiming that the Biblical time frame of THOUSANDS of years can’t be true. Carbon Dating is actually pointing us back to Biblical accuracy. How do Dating Methods work, and what are the assumptions involved? Learn the answers in this DVD Assumptions and the Age of the Earth: Carbon Dating. Dr. Michael Houts has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from MIT and serves as the Nuclear Research Manager NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. He’s an auxiliary writer for Apologetics Press, he’s also received Exceptional Service Medals and Engineering Achievement Medals from NASA and he worked for 11 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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