Charles Lyell – Carry Christians Away – David Rives

Charles Darwin was greatly influenced by a man named Charles Lyell, who along with James Hutton was a founder of uniformitarianism, and the author of what is known as the “Geologic Column”.

In a letter to an English Geologist by the name of George Scrope, Lyell plainly states that his studies, published in the periodical “Quarterly Review” would, quote: “free the science from Moses.”

He said that the Christianity of his day had seen “the mischief and scandal brought on them by the Mosaic System” and that “If we don’t irritate…we shall carry them with us.”

There is little doubt that today, just as Lyell predicted, many Christians have been carried right along with the evolutionists who reject the writings of Moses.

There is no doubt that the theories of evolution are responsible.

We are warned not to be led away with the error of the wicked, yet many Christians have chosen the lies of evolution over the truths of scripture.

They no longer believe the writings of Moses and because of that, they question the commandments of our Creator.

I’m David Rives…

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