Come See The Wonders Of Creation Center

Hello friends,

Please take the time to watch this week’s video commentary (below) as I try to shed some light on an interesting topic that some may be confused about. Some people have been led to believe that we can’t believe in both science and the Word of God, when in fact true science consistently points back to the validity of God’s Word. In a similar way, because of the wild stories and false history of the creatures that we know today as Dinosaurs, some wonder if they can be a Bible believing Christian and still believe that these creatures existed in the past. If you are facing these same ideas hopefully I can share some helpful thoughts in this commentary.

This week’s featured product is the compelling documentary that I was asked to host a few years back “Echoes of the Jurassic” that documents the exciting discovery of soft tissue and collagen on bones that are supposedly 66+ millions years old.

I invite you to come and visit us at our Wonders of Creation Center in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Here we have cool exhibits on dinosaurs that include a life-size T-Rex head and a full size Deinonychus raptor like the ones in the Jurassic Park movies. Please call us at the number below and our representatives can help you schedule an appointment to come and see us! Give us a call at: 931-212-7990 to schedule a tour!

Thanks for your continued love and support!
God bless, David