Compromise In Ivy League Schools – The Evolution of Evolution | David Rives

Many of the most prestigious universities here in America, as well as other places like the U.K., were originally Christian colleges. Yale, Princeton, and Harvard, among others, were all found-ed by Christians and they originally proclaimed the truths found in the Bible. But what happened? Today we certainly don’t think of these ivy-league schools as even sympathetic to Christianity, so how did colleges founded as “Christian institutions” so quickly evolve into secular and even anti-theistic campuses?

Each of these schools fell first in the area of science. Rather than appear to reject “science,” many theologians chose to add naturalistic, supposedly “scientific,” ideas into the Bible. They undermined the historical records found in Genesis to accommodate for old earth ideas about the past. They adopted the idea that you must study creation as if God doesn’t exist and time, chance, and the laws of nature are responsible for everything.

Once these schools had adopted theories about an ancient Universe, it didn’t take much for them to also accept Charles Darwin’s ideas for a naturalistic origin of all life, including human life. Now, if God’s Word is not true in Genesis, why should the rest of it be true? And if we can reinterpret Genesis to mean whatever we want, then why not reinterpret, or just reject, the rest of the Bible?

This is eventually what happened in University. When the authority of God’s Word was under-mined by naturalistic ideas it was no longer the authority—man was. And that opened the door to more and more compromise with man’s theories and beliefs until the Bible was largely for-gotten, ignored, or completely reinterpreted.

We can look around at any of these once Christian schools and see the result of compromising with secular ideas. Do great and brilliant people still come out of these schools? Absolutely! But, could it perhaps be because those people choose to think for themselves rather than blindly accepting their professor’s every word? Check it out and you’ll find that God’s Word is a lot more dependable. Historically correct, scientifically sound, prophetically accurate, and, I believe, Divinely inspired.

I’m David Rives. Truly…the heavens declare the glory of God.