Compromised Creation – David Rives

Theistic evolution is presented today as a “middle ground” for Christians. Those wanting to conform to the views of evolutionary science are too quick to accept these speculative theories.

Revelation speaks harshly of the lukewarm Christian, and this stance, while popular in certain circles, is what I call: Compromised Creation.

In the 1700’s, David Hume argued against design, and, according to Darwin, concluded “that the world itself might have been generated, rather than created; that is, it might have been gradually produced from very small beginnings, increasing by the activity of its inherent principles, rather than by a sudden evolution of the whole by the Almighty fiat.”

The basis for those views is rooted among primitive Greek philosophy. Borne not from science, but from a metaphysical approach to reality.

No, the world was not generated over millions of years through evolution. Nor were we slowly changed through a God-guided process from ape to man. Beware of the dangers of compromised creation. The truth is found in the simple historical records of the Bible.

I’m David Rives…

Truly the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.