“Creation in the 21st Century” episode: “Aunt Lucy” with guest Mike Snavely of “Mission: Imperative!”

Join David Rives on this week’s episode of Creation in the 21st Century as he welcomes Mike Snavely of “Mission: Imperative!” to talk about “Aunt Lucy?”. If mankind evolved from some sort of ape-like creature, then there should be of evidence of that, too. LOTS of it!  Think about it – – – if we’ve been evolving for two to four million years, there should be, in warmer areas of the earth where “hominids” were most likely to have lived, billions and billions of “intermediate” (ape-men) fossils found. Again, there aren’t any. Sure, there have been fragments of apes (both of living specimens and extinct ones) found, but that is hardly evidence for evolution. People see what they want to see. Tune in to TBN, Wednesday October 14th @ 11 am CST (9 am Pacific) to see this revealing 30 minute program.

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In this session, we consider (with a degree of humor) some of the “evidence”, methods, and bias that produces the fables of hominids and pre-human cavemen.