“Creation in the 21st Century” episode: “Noah’s Ark: Fantasy or Fact?” with guest Dr. Tommy Mitchell of “Answers In Genesis”

Join David Rives on this week’s episode as he welcomes Dr. Tommy Mitchell of “Answers In Genesis” Is the account of a global flood, as recorded in the book of Genesis, only a fantasy? Or is it a factual record of historical events? Was Noah really told to build a massive boat that God would use to save him, his family, and lots of animals? Tune in to TBN on Wednesday, November 11th @ 11 am CST (9 am Pacific) to learn the answers to these questions and many more, as Dr. Mitchell and David Rives discuss “Noah’s Ark: Fact or Fantasy?”

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Can you believe in millions of years and a Noachian flood or are they mutually exclusive? Does the geological evidence really confirm millions of years or the global catastrophic Flood? Dr. Terry Mortenson answers these questions and many more in this illustrated talk that considers both the biblical teaching and the geological evidence. You will learn about the critical importance of starting points (presuppositions) in the interpretation of the rocks and fossils. This DVD is a must for teens and adults who want to deepen their understanding of the controversial subjects of Noah’s Flood and the age of the earth!

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Were these original animals the same as the ones in our world today? How many animals had to be cared for aboard Noah’s Ark? People need to see that the ark really was capable of holding all the animals it needed to hold. When they do they recognize that the early chapters of Genesis are real history. And they find it much easier to put their confidence in the Bible, and their faith in Jesus Christ! This illustrated lecture, Determining the Ark Kinds, by Dr. Jean Lightner reveals the numbers, and the process by which she and other baraminology researchers came to the startling conclusions she shares here.