“Creation in the 21st Century” episode: “Only One Race: The Biblical Answer to Racism” with Dr. Georgia Purdom of Answers In Genesis

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Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives
Episode 20. “Only One Race: The Biblical Answer to Racism” – With guest Dr. Georgia Purdom of Answers In Genesis

David Rives welcomes Dr. Georgia Purdom to Creation in the 21st Century in this thought provoking episode. Join the discussion as David Rives and Dr. Georgia Purdom talk on the subject of the human race.

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Understanding what happened at the Tower of Babel is key to understanding the origin of nations, “races,” prejudice, and much more! On the lighter side, this video uses Ken’s comical perspective on poodles to teach on natural selection and speciation. (2 parts)

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This book is packed full of science, inspiring scripture, and over 160 pictures, from beautiful galaxies, to diagrams and charts. It is appropriate for middle-school to adult, and is a great home-education resource. David has spent the past year writing and compiling in such a way as to make it informational for years to come, with amateur astronomer’s stargazing tips, and powerful ways for individuals to combat the dangerous theories of Darwinian evolution and cosmic evolution.

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