Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives | “Lies In The Textbooks” with Eric Hovind

If you truly care about the well being of your children, then this is a program that you will not want to miss! Just what are our children being taught in many public schools around the world? Tune in to Creation in the 21st Century this coming Wednesday February 26th at 11 am CST to find the SHOCKING answer to this question and more! Join David Rives for this engaging 30 minute program as he welcomes Eric Hovind of Creation Today ministries, to expose false teachings found in many public school textbooks. Dangerous brainwashing techniques designed to train our children to believe unproven theories of atheistic science.

After watching this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century” are you fired up about defending your faith in Creation and the God of the Bible? If you answered YES then please take a moment to check out some of the dynamic Creation based resources that are available in our store.

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Beginnings is a creation based 2 DVD, six part set. Creation speaker, Eric Hovind, explores the age-old questions of life, the evidence for a young earth, and how dinosaurs fit in with the Bible.

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