Creation Proclaims – Flight and Spike with Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan Breeding

Playing TONIGHT, March 27th, 7:00PM Central on GSN.
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Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan “The Animal Man” Breeding take you on a spectacular journey from deep inside the earth, to jungles and deserts, to the farthest reaches of space. Get ready to encounter God through the wild wonders of owls, bats, dinosaurs, porcupines, lizards, and more. In Creation Proclaims: Flight and Spike you’ll discover how creation is proclaiming the character, majesty, power, and glory of our Creator-God, the Lord Jesus Christ. In each feature, you’ll learn how God is reaching out to mankind in unmistakable ways by making Himself known through:

Owls – The Silent Raptor
Bats – The Mysterious Flying Mammal
Dinosaurs – The Kingly Beast
The African Crested Porcupine
Horned Toad Lizards – The Desert’s Thorny Reptile
Naica Crystals – Mexico’s Crystal Palace
Earth – Created for Life

So grab your night vision goggles and telescope, and get ready to encounter God through the wild wonders of His creation. You’ll be inspired through Biblical insights and invigorated by the adventure! Learn more on GSN… Be sure to tune in to Genesis Science Network TONIGHT, March 27th, to see this program!