Darwinian Evolution Perpetuated Racism – with David Rives and Dr. Robert Carter on TBN

Tune in to TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) THIS Friday, July 22nd @ 5:30pm CDT (3:30pm Pacific) to see this week’s episode of Creation in the 21st Century. Join David Rives (host) as he welcomes Dr. Robert Carter to this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century” titled: “Darwinian Evolution Perpetuated Racism”

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Evolution’s Fatal Fruit – The results of a godless philosophy

Darwin gave the world an explanation of life that helped to fuel the ovens at Auschwitz. Tom DeRosa shows the grim applications of evolutionary theory to human society applied by Hitler’s belief that he was helping the process along. These evolutionary ideas were also taken up by the American eugenics movement, which forcibly sterilized thousands. It’s shocking and it’s being advocated again today. You will never see evolution as ‘just a harmless theory’ again.

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