“Dasha Theory | A Starlight and Time Solution” with David Rives and Dr. Danny Faulkner

Playing TONIGHT, March 6th, 8:00PM Central on GSN.
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One of the most puzzling questions in astronomy: If the universe is relatively young – thousands of years – and stars are millions of light years away, wouldn’t it have taken the light from those stars millions of years to reach Earth? …and doesn’t this “PROVE” the Big Bang? Do creationists have a problem with distant starlight? Actually, starlight and time is a major problem for Big Bang cosmology. While Young Universe Cosmology doesn’t provide all the answers, a careful examination of the Hebrew word “Dasha” as found in the creation account might hold the key to understanding this dilemma. Learn more on GSN… Be sure to tune in to Genesis Science Network TONIGHT, March 6th, to see this program!