Earth’s Mysterious Magnetism – With David Rives and Dr. Russell Humphreys on TBN

Tune in to TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) this Friday, Feb. 12th @ 5:30PM CST (3:30 PM Pacific) to watch “Creation in the 21st Century.” In this 30 minute program, Dr. Russell Humphreys shares the amazing details of his groundbreaking planetary research. Long before they were measured by spacecraft, Dr. Humphreys made predictions about the magnetic fields that we find around many of the planets in our Solar System, including planet Earth. Join David Rives and Dr. Russell Humphreys in this week’s exciting episode of Creation in the 21st Century.

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Episode 1:  This episode introduces the entire series about origins and the two competing worldviews; the biblical and a naturalistic worldviews. The experts address several scientific challenges to the Big Bang, but also focus on the naturalistic view as a philosophy rather than just data. Finally, the experts focus on the implications and human response to each worldview. A simple Gospel message is shared and viewers are encouraged to choose the Biblical worldview. – The Heavens Declare: Origin of the Universe
Episode 2:  This episode introduces scientific challenges to the Big Bang theory. The experts address the suggestion by Christians that God could have used the Big Bang and why there are many reasons to reject that idea. They finish off the episode by talking about why the Biblical model works better with the evidence and how we can reconcile science with the Bible.
Episode 3:  This episode addresses the perceived problem of light travel of distant stars and how the universe can still be young. The experts introduce the idea of an expanding universe and the dynamics of the speed of light. They then delve into general relativity and present several creationist models for solving the light travel dilemma. Several experts also share how God could have used natural laws and supernatural processes during the creation week. Finally, there is a discussion on why the Biblical model is the only one that works with the evidence and makes science possible. Buy this DVD set from the Creation Superstore Call 931.212.7990 to order

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WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER – Created with Purpose or Conceived from Chaos?

As we witness the indescribable beauty of our Creator’s Universe and consider the wonders of His creation, we begin to understand that empirical science, that which can be proven, in no way contradicts the words of scripture. In contrast to what evolutionary science teaches, we are not highly developed animals, the product of random chance. Just as the heavens and Earth were carefully designed, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by a loving God. The Alpha and Omega left a pattern of His fingerprints across each corner of the Universe, found even in the tiniest crevices of our planet. A pattern that David Rives has devoted his life to finding and sharing…often defying the conventions of modern science. Author, lecturer, and singer/songwriter David Rives builds a solid case for Jesus Christ, while affirming the truths of the Biblical Record. Exploring the world, exploring the Universe, and praising the Creator. Wonders Without Number is packed full of science, inspiring scripture, and over 160 color pictures, from beautiful galaxies, to diagrams and charts. It is appropriate for middle-school to adult, and is a great home-education resource. David has spent the past year writing and compiling in such a way as to make it informational for years to come, with amateur astronomer’s stargazing tips, and powerful ways for individuals to combat the dangerous theories of Darwinian evolution and cosmic evolution. Whether you are seeking answers to questions about the accuracy of the Bible as compared to secular science, or if you simply want to be encouraged by the truths of scripture, this book will enlighten and inspire, as it takes you on a journey through the wonders of the universe… Wonders Without Number

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