Exciting Events Coming Soon:

The New Year will bring many exciting things to light at David Rives Ministries. As we speak, awesome new material is being created. Look for some very important news to be released in the coming months. Many upcoming opportunities to share the truth across the country have also presented themselves.

Join David Rives January 17-20, 2013 in Lake City, Florida. There he will be speaking on Creation and Biblical astronomy, as well as performing songs from his debut album: FOREVER.
For more information about this event please visit our Events Page.

Later in the year, he will also give presentations and perform at the “REVIVE 2013” Conference in Dallas, Texas. A powerful 3 day event. For more information please visit our Events Page.


Our outreach is not limited to the United Stated alone. We are also making an awesome impact on an international scale. Here are some very encouraging words from an individual in South Africa.

“I am continually humbled and inspired by your regular email posts. Thanks!!! In today’s world so filled with the acceptance that ‘evolution’ is fact, and creation is taboo, I find your sober and sincere comments to the contrary are so encouraging and uplifting, that I can only give God the thanks and praise that you have been placed to do the work you do! …I pray continually that you may have the encouragement and strength to continue your work.” ….Norman H. in South Africa