From Creation to Babel and Beyond

AIRDATE: Saturday, December 23rd at 1:30pm Central

Join David Rives as he welcomes Bryan Osborne to the program. If we summarized Biblical history in a nutshell, some of the most important and life-altering events would be the creation of the universe, the fall of mankind, the global flood, and the separation of cultures at the time of Babel. Those key components of history lay the foundation for the Gospel and future prophetic events. Find out more on this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century.”

If you watched the program and want related resources, just click the photo and links below to go to our store. The DVD below features Bodie Hodge of Answers In Genesis giving the same presentation that was presented by Bryan Osborne on the “Creation in the 21st Century” program.

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7 C’s of History is a key relevant message for all adults and teens today! The “7 C’s” are a wonderful way to easily remember the biggest events in the Bible. A great chronological overview of the gospel message! Do you know the seven key events of the Bible, from Creation to the second coming of Christ? Do you long for an easy-to-understand overview of the Bible that can be summarized in less than one hour? That is what the 7C’s of History video is all about. By taking relevant milestones throughout the Bible, apologist Bodie Hodge teaches viewers that the entire Bible points to Christ! The 7 C’s of History are: Creation (God created in six days and everything was perfect, then He rested for a day), Corruption (the fall from perfection due to sin), Catastrophe (Noah’s Flood  is the origin of most fossil layers), Confusion (the rebellion at Babel is key to understanding the world today), Christ (the Creator became a man, our “Kinsman Redeemer”), Cross (Christ’s resurrection shows He has conquered death), and Consummation (the fulfillment of all things).

Length: 50 Minutes

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