Geological Diversity – Lots of Rocks | David Rives

I was studying some geological formations not long ago, and started wondering why we have so many different types of rocks and soils. Surely God could have created the Earth with a few basic minerals? Why so much variety?

That got me to thinking: why do I have a red sweater and a blue one? Some made from wool, and others from cotton. I’ve got V-necks, and round necks, quarter-zips and turtle-necks. Wouldn’t one or two have done the trick of keeping me warm? Why do I have such a variety? It’s not because of need, really. It’s more because I like diversity…

But, if the Bible is true, then I’m created in the image of God. That means that perhaps my love for diversity echoes just a fraction of something that the Creator of the Universe loves as well?

That actually makes sense! Not only do we have a God Who covers practicalities (like making sure we have a solid surface of the earth to stand on, or hard stones to build with, or soft mineral-rich soil to plant and grow in) but we also have a God Who loves variety and functionality. Sandstone makes great coasters. Granite for our countertops. Marble floors. Limestone for our cement. Clay to make bricks. …The list goes on.

The more I considered it, the more it made sense. We can’t even begin to understand the mind of someone with infinite wisdom, but with our daily lives and personal experiences, we can still appreciate the inclusion of diversity in creation.

Just like I wouldn’t want to wear that same blue sweater every day, the world would be a pretty boring place with only pine trees, and no oaks or weeping willows or aspens.

It makes me appreciate the fact that we have serene sandy beaches and magnificent granite mountains.

From an atheistic perspective, I struggle to figure out why there would be physics in place to maintain those elements, and how we would even have the first grain of sand when science has shown that matter and energy can’t create themselves?

From a design perspective, I think it’s pretty awesome that the God of the Bible would give us not only a diverse creation to study, but would give us the diversity in appearance and a variety of passions so that each of us could play a role in the discovery and research of the natural world.

I challenge you to make a conscious effort today to look around you at the beauty and complexity of everything and take a moment to praise the Creator of if all. Remember, all things were made by Him, and as many as believe in Him, He gives them power to become children of God – for eternity.

I’m David Rives, truly the heavens declare the glory of God.