Geology, Time & The Fossil Record with David Rives and Mike Riddle on TBN

Watch Creation in the 21st Century Saturday, November 2nd at 1:30pm Central. David Rives welcomes Mike Riddle to the program.

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The Power of the Whole Gospel DVD

From Genesis to Revelation, God’s story spans 66 books – but how important is Genesis for the Gospel? Understanding Adam and Eve’s original sin allows us to better understand the work of Jesus on the cross. In this DVD, The Power of the Whole Gospel, learn the strategy of sharing the WHOLE Gospel with family, friends, and strangers.

A former Captain in the Marine Corp, Mike Riddle has been preparing and equipping with answers to tough questions for over 35 years. As a national track and field champion, and a motivational teacher, Mike loves to share the secrets to success. He is the president of Creation Training Initiative.

Recognizing Logical Fallacies DVD

What is a strawman argument? An Ad Hominem Attack? Incorrect Equivocation? Find out how top proponents of evolution use incorrect facts and misleading logic to deceive in Recognizing Logical Fallacies DVD.

Educating For Success DVD

Our youth are walking away from the church in droves. Why is this happening? What can YOU do about it? How can we take back Christian education? Christian parents, leaders and teachers have the huge responsibility of teaching the next generation. How can we effectively do this? Learn how to educated the next generation so they can witness to a lost and dying world.

Fuzzy Words and Magic Words of Evolution DVD

Ever heard of Fuzzy Words, Magic Words, or Red Flag Words? Did you know that evolutionists use these words all of the time when talking or writing or writing? Learn the secrets to decoding these words and much more in this thought provoking DVD.

Secrets To Critical Thinking DVD

Learn how you can go from defense to offense in a worldviews conversation and watch the arguments of evolution crumble, in Secrets To Critical Thinking DVD.

Society has been told that evolution is a fact – so it must be true! But how do we know it’s true? Aren’t there some assumptions involved? Learn the secrets to critical thinking and more!

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