GIVING TUESDAY – December 1st, 2020

Dear friend,

Will you take just a moment to read about our accomplishments and end-of-year goals?

We are nearing the end of another amazing year of ministry outreach. As a Biblical ministry that focuses on media, we have been blessed to strengthen our efforts this year, as millions of people are at home in front of screens, watching videos, reading, and browsing social media. You have helped us reach more people this year than ever before. The opportunities for Evangelism are ripe and thanks to your prayers and support, the ministry has experienced wonderful growth and exposure.

Today is considered “Giving Tuesday,” and as a non-profit ministry, we are working on our End-of-Year goals. We have some VERY exciting things planned for next year that I’d like for you to pray about. – Upgrading our free 24/7 TV network “Genesis Science Network” to bring over 200 new programs to our channel and improve viewer experience. Also planned are studio upgrades including building a dedicated set to use in bringing you live broadcasts. We will need approximately $48,000 for these projects by early 2021. Praise the Lord, as of today we have received approximately $24,000. For that I am truly thankful.

In addition to this, we still need your help to finish projects this year: Printing and mailing costs of our Creation Club magazine (going out free of charge, and now blessing over 10,000 households across America), broadcast server upgrades and maintenance, and TV production costs. For this goal, I am asking you to prayerfully consider a generous tax deductible donation to help us raise $55,000 by the year’s end to help cover these expenses. To date, almost $3,000 dollars of this goal has been received. Your generous giving is what makes this possible.

I want to share a note we recently received from Kim, one of our GSN viewers: “I am a born again Christian working as a microbiologist. GSN has helped me make a connection between science and the Bible. Also, they have helped me think my way out of evolutionary theory and the Christian Gap theory. Today, I support a young earth view due to GSN’s Biblical creationism research. …after watching for 4 years I’m convinced that this ministry is the real deal! David Rives Ministries would benefit anyone interested in our natural world and how it works.” -Kim G.

Praise the Lord! Kim and hundreds of thousands of others are being encouraged through this ministry. The faith of many Christians has been strengthened. We hear from those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior after being impacted by our outreaches. That is what our ministry is all about.

-David Rives
Keep Looking Up!
Truly, the heavens declare the glory of God.

P.S. Please help us further this cause and strengthen the faith of millions of people and families around the globe. Your tax-deductible donation goes a long way as we share the Gospel and the truth of God’s creation. 

Thank you for supporting DRM. All gifts will be used in our efforts to reach the world with a message of the truth of God’s Word and the biblical account of Creation as found in Genesis.

If you would like to contribute to DRM by mail, write “Giving Tuesday” in the memo line of your check and mail your donation to:

David Rives Ministries
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David Rives Ministries is a non-profit, Tax Exempt 501(c)3 organization, and as such, contributions are tax deductible (to the fullest extent allowed by law).