Go With Me To South Africa in 2021?

Hello friends,

We are praying that all of our ministry friends are staying healthy out there. If you need prayer, call 931-212-7990.

Our “Heavens Declare” video this week looks at some of the beautiful Zebras that I encountered in Africa. I believe that in a few months, we will all be desperate to get out of the house and enjoy God’s creation, and what better way to do that than to plan a trip in 2021 to Africa?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re planning. I’ve lead these tours before, and it was one of the most inspiring, breathtaking tours I’ve ever done… trust me, that’s saying a lot!

I know you don’t want to make commitments right now, but just go get the brochure and ask for more information so that in a few months we can all plan this together. No matter the age, no matter if it is just you, or the whole family. Go check it out HERE.

David Rives The heavens declare the glory of God.
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