Holy Bones – Design in the Human Skeletal System with David Rives and Dr. Chuck Thurston on TBN

Watch Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives on TBN this Saturday, May 9th at 12:30 pm Central as David welcomes Dr. Chuck Thurston to talk about “Holy Bones.” Just like a suit of armor, our skeleton protects our vital organs. Our bones store calcium, a mineral that is essential for life, and the bones provide a place to attach our muscles. The femur, or thigh-bone, is known to be much stronger than concrete when placed under tensile stress. In addition, we must consider the fact that scripture speaks of marrow long before science understood its importance. Now we know that bone marrow is responsible for the production of white and red blood cells… Can these bones live? Find out as we explore the relations between the Tabernacle in the wilderness and patterns found throughout the scriptures… even found in us, as human beings.

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DVD 1. “Body Codes – Throne Rooms Walking”
You will be amazed as a perfect picture of the throne room of God is revealed through the intricate design of the human chest and the human heart.
DVD 2. “Prophetic Patterns in the Tabernacle”
Looks at the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, and how it reveals a pattern of New Testament events.
DVD 3. “Holy Bones – The Human Skeletal System”
The remarkable symmetry of our bodies reveals analogies that will challenge the theories of evolution.

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