How To Wash Your Hands | David Rives

The Bible speaks of health practices including a reference to bathing in running water. Today, we realize that still water is less efficient at washing away germs and microbes. That’s the reason we wash our hands under a faucet of running water. But this knowledge of germs is fairly recent within the scientific community.

Through scientific research and experimentation, Louis Pasteur pioneered Germ Theory… But it wasn’t an easy journey. He was initially mocked, even while tens of thousands of people died from contamination in the operating room. It later became accepted science and a crucial step in the field of medicine and research.

History tells us that Pasteur had a Biblically-based mindset. Could the accurate Biblical passages regarding health have played a part in his study of germs? We’ll probably never know. New scientific discoveries are always challenging the prevailing theories, but the inspired Word of God stands fast forever.

I’m David Rives, truly the Heavens declare the glory of God.