I Hate BAD Science – David Rives

While there are many atheists who would attempt to convince you that I hate science, I am NOT against science. On the contrary, in lectures all over the country, my message is decidedly pro-science.

Many of my commentaries focus on the sciences of cosmology, astronomy, geology, archaeology, or biology, and how, much of science PROVES the validity of the Biblical record. Not only that, but science is revealing the immense complexity of the Universe, and showing how everything around us proclaims God’s glory.

What I dislike is bad science. I find issue with the baseless theories that are contrary to empirical science. One such theory that I reference often is the theory of Darwinian evolution. Lacking solid demonstrable evidence, and based upon ancient Greek origin theories, Darwinian evolution is an ANTI-Scientific theory.

The antiquated view of macro-evolution will one day be discarded for a more appropriate scientific theory. I LOVE science, because through detailed methodical experimentation, the factual data will eventually be revealed.

I’m David Rives…
Truly the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.