Introducing “The Creation Club” – A Place for Biblical Creationists to Share and Learn, by David Rives Ministries

Here’s a question: What do a starry sky, ants, and DNA have in common?

Everything about them can be explained from a Biblical, creationist perspective. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place online where you could explore these topics and more from a solid Biblical and scientific foundation, with people of like mind from all over the world

The Creation Club is that place. Here, you’ll find hundreds of articles on all aspects of Biblical creation, including evolutionism vs. creation, intelligent design, bumblebees, archaeology, dinosaur skin (really!), nature, and a whole lot more. You can also access YouTube videos, podcasts, and inspirational music—all geared toward helping you develop your faith and love for our Almighty Creator, and the world He made.

The “Club” in The Creation Club is all about community. You can comment on posts, share others’ videos with your friends, and even contribute articles and content of your own (see our FAQ for details on that). Our columnists come from all walks of life—from teens to teachers, degreed researchers to solo musicians.

Formed by David Rives Ministries, a leading non-profit organization in Creation research, this website has quickly become the fastest-growing Biblical creation website in the world. Join the millions of people who have used this ministry and the powerful tools we provide to be educated and inspired with God’s Creation.

Just as Biblical truth transcends cultural boundaries, so does The Creation Club. Our contributors come from all over the world, from Australia to Costa Rica to Canada. The site is global, and translated into languages as diverse as Tagalog and Portuguese.

Whether you’re new to creationism and the Bible or want to catch up on the latest science findings and news, be sure to CHECK OUT THE CREATION CLUB HERE.

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