Is there a Big Bang in the Bible? David Rives says YES!

Did the Earth and everything in the universe come about as a result of a violent explosion in space? What does the Bible say about our Creator destroying this sin-cursed world and making all things new? What promise did He give us? Watch this video to learn more

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Wonders Without Number is packed full of science, inspiring scripture, and over 160 color pictures, from beautiful galaxies, to diagrams and charts. It is appropriate for middle-school to adult, and is a great home-education resource. David has spent the past year writing and compiling in such a way as to make it informational for years to come, with amateur astronomer’s stargazing tips, and powerful ways for individuals to combat the dangerous theories of Darwinian evolution and cosmic evolution.

Whether you are seeking answers to questions about the accuracy of the Bible as compared to secular science, or if you simply want to be encouraged by the truths of scripture, this book will enlighten and inspire, as it takes you on a journey through the wonders of the universe… Wonders Without Number

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