It Is Finished – The Sacrificial Offering of Calvary

Have you ever looked back on your work, or a project that you’ve been a part of, and said “It’s finished”? Many times, we look back and think “If only I’d done this or that a little different…”

Not so with our Savior on the cross. In the Greek, it tells us He exclaimed (teTEL-a-st-iy) “tetelestai,” “It is finished!”

What was finished? Perhaps we should go back to the very beginning to find that answer.

You see, we read that at the end of the creation week, God called everything “very good”. In Hebrew, “tov meod”. It is safe to assume that all was functioning flawlessly, just as it had been designed.

Then sin entered the world when the first man and woman, through willful disregard, disobeyed our Creator’s simple command.

Immediately following that original sin, death entered into the world, when the blood of animals was spilled to fashion coverings for Adam and Eve. Literally, the first sacrifice for sin.

Throughout the Old Testament, the blood of bulls and goats set forth a pattern of prophetic significance.

What became finished or completed at that defining moment on the cross? The death that was required as payment for sin. It was a perfect sacrifice, the spotless Lamb, the Son of God.

I’m David Rives…
Truly, the heavens declare the glory of God