Let’s Talk About Astronomy For A Minute – BIG BANG PROBLEMS | David Rives

Let’s talk about Astronomy for a minute…. The Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God but there is a theory that says that 14 billion years ago, everything started on its own, purely by accident. But how do you even get the first star to form when a Big Bang would send all the matter on a trajectory that moved matter farther apart, not together? Forget that troubling question… how about Harvard Smithsonian center for astrophysics which brings up another big problem…. if the Big Bang is true, then where did the matter come from in the first place? There are some big holes in the Big Bang theory, and the scientific study of magnetic fields around planets actually shows that many (or all) cosmic bodies may have been formed only thousands of years ago. Perhaps on day 4 of Creation Week?