Lies in Science Textbooks with David Rives and Russ Miller on TBN

Watch Creation in the 21st Century on TBN this Saturday, August 22nd at 12:30pm Central as David Rives welcomes Russ Miller to the program.

If you watched the program and are interested in getting more information on this subject, follow the link below to check out Russ Miller’s DVD in the Creation Superstore

The Darwinian Delusion DVD

In this series of seminars, you’ll learn of the history leading up to present day, and how evolutionary ideas have eroded the foundations of society and education. You’ll be introduced to the not-so-ideal ideals taught in the current school systems, and the effect the Darwinian theory has on the morals of society. Most importantly, you’ll see that there are other options- scientific, moral, factual options, which have the power to change society for good- if people choose to believe them.

The Darwinian Delusion DVD Series includes:

  • The Theft of America’s Christian Heritage
  • Science vs. Darwinism in the Textbooks
  • Public Education Menticide (the systematic undermining of values and beliefs)

These are an updated edition of Russ’s seminars. Public School Menticide is a brand-new teaching that will shock and inform you about the state of public schools.