Lucy’s a Chimp – David Rives

The world-famous “Lucy” hominid is a supposed scientific link between human and ape.  She was found under unusual circumstances in Ethiopia, Fall of 1974.

An anthropologist, Donald Johanson and a student, Tom Gray were exploring alone in a gully previously searched to no avail by other workers, when they happened upon some bones and skeletal remains. After picking up bone fragments all over the gully, they were amazed to discover they had found around 40 percent of an ape-like creature.

Parts and pieces including arm fragments, a femur, pelvis, and some ribs were then patched together, revealing what appeared to be a common Chimpanzee, with hips and legs that indicated this monkey walked on two feet, not four.

This supposed “prehistoric ancestor to humans” had some interesting characteristics.  Lucy probably weighed a little over 60 pounds, and was only around 3 and a half feet tall.  Quite small for a human-like ancestor. The skull fragments also indicate a very small brain, similar to a monkey.

According to radio-metric dating methods, Lucy may be around 3.2 million years old.  How did they arrive at her age? By testing some ash found around her fragmented remains.

Perhaps Lucy isn’t the only one with a small brain…

I’m David Rives…  Truly, The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.