Metamorphosis: Life Lessons From A Butterfly?

What can a butterfly tell you about your life? When you see a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower in your backyard, you probably don’t stop to marvel at how that butterfly got there, but you should! Butterflies don’t start out very elegantly. They begin as a tiny caterpillar hatching out of an egg on the leaf of a plant. But there’s a miracle that — pretty soon — will take place called “Metamorphosis”. The caterpillar is an eating machine. It is perfectly designed to grip onto leaves and munch them to bits with powerful jaws. Their exoskeleton is stretchy, like an accordion, and THAT allows them to grow up to 3,000 times their original size. So, they eat and grow, eat and grow… but after a while, it’s time for the caterpillar to transform into a new creature. The next stage finds the caterpillar hanging upside down on a tree in the form of a pupa. On the outside, it looks like nothing is happening. But inside a miracle is taking place. All of the parts and pieces have become mush inside, and beautiful long legs, new complex eyes, antennae, a new respiratory system (that can handle the rigors of flying), and a brand new “remodeled” heart is being formed. And of course, we can’t forget the incredibly complex wings, covered in tiny scales designed to perfectly reflect light into different colors. Now, think about the instruction book in that creature that has to be followed to the letter or else, you end up with a gooey mess of half-caterpillar half-butterfly that doesn’t work. That’s a lot of INFORMATION… and useful information doesn’t just happen! There is no way that the complex process of metamorphosis could evolve over millions of years of “trial and error.” This awe-inspiring process was designed by a Creator who, we’re told, formed “every winged thing according to its kind.” And think about the beauty present in so many butterflies today. Shapes of every size, and colors of every shade, unspeakable elegance… and it all came from this! There’s a life lesson there: God can turn your “mess” into something beautiful. He can take a mixed up life, that has no apparent shape or purpose, and give you wings to fly over your difficulties. Next time you’re wondering why you’re here… just think of the awkward caterpillar, and its amazing metamorphosis – into a beautiful butterfly! I’m David Rives, Truly, the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.