New Single!

David has just released his first single, “By the Blood”!

This Praise and Worship song is now available on iTunes and Amazon Music. It has begun to receive air-time on Christian radio stations around the country.

David Rives:

“I just finished in the studio recording this new song, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Music is a powerful tool, and the ability to witness through song is just a wonderful thing.”

Check it out on iTunes HERE and click to listen to a preview of the new song.

We hope you enjoy.

Music production is a very expensive venture, and if you are blessed by David’s work, we ask if you would consider giving so that we can make more songs available in the near future. Mixing new songs is a time-consuming process, and we need your help in purchasing a Mixing Control Surface
and Extender, retailing for $1,099 and $750. If you feel blessed, please contribute any amount toward these costs here.