New Weekly Podcast + Video subscription platform

Hello friends,

?We just launched a NEW weekly Podcast. Find it on your favorite Podcasting app by searching “Wonders Without Number” or Apple/iPhone users CLICK HERE or click HERE to listen in your browser or on PC. Be sure to Subscribe to receive the podcast each week.

We have also launched a subscription that gives you access to the video format of the weekly podcast, PLUS Study Guides with the video transcript and test questions. We are really excited about this, and for a small monthly fee, Sunday-schools, homeschoolers and people who want to learn this material in detail will be able to gain access to these features. It’s called GENESIS+ and it’s available today with new videos uploaded every week! LEARN MORE

Thanks for your prayers as we enter 2020 with a vision of hope and continue to be a beacon in darkness.

I’m David Rives, Truly, the Heavens Declare the Glory of God