Origin of Races

Join David Rives as he welcomes Dr. Robert Carter to the program. When dealing with different people groups, geneticists often calculate a number called the ‘inbreeding coefficient’ and talk about ‘identity by descent’ because every person has inherited multiple identical sections of DNA from both sides of their family. Learn more on this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century.”
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The Bible records three historical biblical “main events” that would have left an indelible mark on our genetic makeup: Creation, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel. – Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 “Daughters of Noah” Exciting research in modern genetics actually underlines the reality of these events, if you expect to find the evidence and go looking for it (but you have to know where to look!). (High School–Adult) 37min.

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The Biblical Answer To Racism – It’s Not About Skin Color | David Rives & Bryan Osborne | Wonders Without Number DVD

What does God’s Word say about the races? Is evolutionary theory racist, and are some people “superior” to others? What did Charles Darwin imply when it comes to race, and are some cultures “superior” to others? What does the Bible say, and does scientific research in genetics back it up? The answers to these questions may surprise you…

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