Our Special Earth: TOO MANY FACTORS

While many scientists today claim that the earth was formed from cosmic dust billions of years ago, a close look at our planet reveals that it was carefully designed.

Earth’s position in the solar system is such that the large outer planets, known as “gas giants” circle and protect earth as they rotate farther out in space. We find that dangerous cosmic debris is pulled in by the massive gravity of the outer planets such as Jupiter, instead of crashing into earth.

A perfect example of this was in 1994, when comet Shoemaker-Levy broke apart into 21 fragments, and the tremendous gravity of Jupiter pulled those fragments in.

The comet was traveling around 133,000 MPH, as it approached. At that speed, you and I could travel from New York to LA in less than a minute and a half. The fragments collided with the strength of 1 million hydrogen bombs, and sent a mushroom shaped cloud of gas 1,000 miles high.

As we see, the large outer planets do indeed protect the earth.

Our moon is one quarter the size of the earth, and is the largest moon proportionally of all the other planets. The moons’ gravity helps stabilize the earth’s axis, and creates tides to circulate the warm and cold waters of the ocean. Compared to the other moons in the solar system, ours is quite unique.

Our atmosphere is also unique. Only the earth’s atmosphere is transparent and only earth has the correct combination of gasses for life to exist. These conditions haven’t been found anywhere else in the universe.

A terrestrial planet is also necessary for human life to exist. Many planets are composed of gas. Not only that but the size and mass of our planet is perfect for moderated gravity. If we lived on Jupiter, anything larger than the size of a marble would be instantly crushed because the gravity is so great.

Another consideration is the fact that we have liquid water, which is essential for life. Not only is it necessary for human survival, but it helps transport nutrients through the earth, and absorbs heat from the sun to regulate temperatures.

All of these unique factors, and if even one was slightly off, life would not be possible.

Our Special Earth – carefully designed with a purpose by a loving Creator. “Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool…” Isaiah 66:1

I’m David Rives –
Truly – The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.