“Phantom Cloud” New Name For “Oort Cloud” – David Rives

Every time a new comet is spotted that was previously undocumented, it is claimed that the comet originated from the Oort Cloud.

Articles, magazines, and scientific reports begin claiming that the comet left this proposed cloud tens of thousands of years ago, and is just getting to our solar system. But what is the Oort Cloud?

Supposedly, far beyond our solar system, there lies a mysterious, invisible area full of billions of comet nuclei, from which long-period comets are occasionally dispersed.

This is needed for several reasons. One, to explain the extremely unpredictable path of some comets, and also to explain why there are still comets that have not been destroyed by the sun.

If we live in a relatively young, intelligently created Universe, this isn’t a problem. But if the Universe happened by chance, billions of years ago, then this is a big problem.

What is interesting, is that this cloud has never been observed, is not verifiable with our current technology, and is only a hypothesis.

The Oort Cloud is a phantom cloud, and should be treated as such until science either confirms or disproves its existence.

I’m David Rives…
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