Refuting Old Earth Creation Arguments – With David Rives and Dr. Terry Mortenson on TBN

Tune in to TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) THIS Friday, October 28th @ 5:30pm CDT (3:30pm Pacific) to see this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century.” Join David Rives (host) as he welcomes Dr. Terry Mortenson to talk about “Refuting Old Earth Creation Arguments”

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Many people in the church today think that “young-earth” creationism is a fairly recent invention, popularized by fundamentalist Christians in the mid-20th century. Is this view correct?

Answers in Genesis scholar Dr. Terry Mortenson presents his fascinating original research that documents a different story. With illuminating attention to detail, Mortenson discusses:

  • The men who invented the idea of millions of years
  • The beliefs of the “pre-Darwin” church regarding the age of the earth
  • The origins of the gap theory, day-age theory, local flood theory, etc.
  • The “scriptural geologists” and their arguments against old-earth geological theories
  • The real source of the idea of millions of years (it is not science)

This book details the early 19th century origin of the idea of millions of years and the Christian men who opposed that idea.

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