Science Has Facts – Christians Have Facts with David Rives And Jay Seegert On TBN

Watch Creation in the 21st Century, Saturday, June 22nd at 1:30 pm Central, as David Rives welcomes Jay Seegert to talk about faulty interpretations placed on valid scientific data.

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Science and Biblical Authority DVD Series

Evolution: Feasible or Fairytale? | David Rives & Jay Seegert | Wonders Without Number DVD

While it’s easy for us to look at different creatures and IMAGINE that they might have evolved through a long series of changes, a look at DNA reveals a very different picture. Learn exciting facts about the complexity of DNA. Jay Seegert has his bachelor’s in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He is the Director of The Starting Point Project and has been speaking on Apologetics for 30 years. Jay lives in Wisconsin and has a great passion for helping Christians strengthen their faith.

What Does the Evidence Lead To? | Jay Seegert and David Rives | Wonders Without Numbers DVD

Atheists and Christians live on the same planet, have the same science and evidence, so why do we have different conclusions? Do secular researchers use facts, while Christians relay on faith? The interpretation of the evidence depends on our starting point.

Science Evidence for the Inspiration of the Bible | Jay Seegert and David Rives | Wonders Without Number DVD

How do we know the bible is from God? What makes it different form any other religious book? Learn how scientific principles spoken of in the bible hold up to modern scientific methods.

Evangelism: By The Book | Jay Seegert and David Rives | Wonders Without Numbers DVD

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel – but how? When trying to effectively evangelize, how can we be better prepared to share our faith with others? What tactics shouldn’t we use?

Creation to Christ | David Rives & Jay Seegert | Wonders Without Number DVD

What about world history? Can everything fit in only 6,000 years? Learn the big picture of the Old Testament History, and see how it sets the stage for the gospel!

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