Scientific Clocks & Recent Creation

AIRDATE: Saturday, December 9th at 1:30pm Central

Join David Rives? as he welcomes Brian Thomas? to the program. What if we looked at rocks as clocks? How about galaxies, stars, or the Human Population? Let’s do some research and see how the universe appears to be recently designed — on Creation in the 21st Century!

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  • Why do conventional methods for dating rocks differ so radically?
  • What does carbon-14 found in diamonds tell us?
  • Was there accelerated nuclear decay in earth’s history?
  • Are the creation and Flood accounts genuine historic events?

These and many other questions are addressed in Thousands…Not Billions. This book summarizes eight years of research by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and a team of scientists, whose goal was to explore the age of the earth from a biblical perspective. The project title was Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, or RATE. The age of the earth is one of the most divisive topics today, much debated by scholars and laypersons alike. What one believes about the age of the earth goes a long way in determining world views. The Bible is explicit that the earth is young, but many people feel that science has proved our planet is more than four billion year old. Thousands…Not Billions provides a compelling challenge to Darwinian evolution.

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