Spiral Galaxies
The fall stargazing season kicks off in September with wonderfully placed spiral galaxies M31 in Andromeda, M33 in Triangulum, and M74 in Pisces. Use a big telescope to see these distant galaxies.

The Northern Milky Way
Early in the month, around 9 PM, the “Summer Triangle” of three bright stars Vega, Deneb and Altair will be nearly overhead. In the northernmost portion of the Summer Triangle, you’ll see a bright portion of the northern Milky Way. Point a telescope there and you’ll discover that the fuzzy outlines of the Milky Way will resolve into vast fields of stars to explore.

New Moon
For the best conditions to see the galaxies and clusters described above, plan a stargazing session for the night of September 9th, when the New Moon will provide dark skies. This is the best night of the month to observe the night sky, since light from stars and faint deep sky objects won’t have to compete with bright moonlight.