Five Glittering Globulars
Five picture-perfect examples of globular star clusters will be visible in May skies. Check out M3 in the constellation Boötes. M13, the “Great Cluster in Hercules” will be visible near the zenith. M5 can be found in Serpens, and M92 in the northern section of Hercules. Be sure to track down M4 (NGC 6121) in Scorpius on May 27th, as it will be in a great position for telescopic study throughout the night, reaching zenith around midnight.

A Beautiful Pairing – Crescent Moon and Venus
After the sun sets on May 17th, you’ll find a stunning view of the waxing crescent moon to the left of brilliant Venus. While you’re observing the pair, use at telescope to look for the crater Furnerius at the lower right of the crescent moon’s face.