Summertime Star Party
Take advantage of the New Moon on June 13th and Saturn’s great position in the night sky and plan a summer star party! Not only will the dark skies of the moonless night provide great opportunities to see fainter objects more clearly, but the warm June weather will make it easy to enjoy starry sights all night long with friends and family.
Swirling Spirals
Around 10pm in mid-June, two glorious, face-on spiral galaxies M51 and M101 will both be in a great position for viewing and imaging. Look for M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, to the southwest of the star Alkaid at the end of the Big Dipper’s “handle”. Scan the sky to the northeast of Alkaid to find M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy.

Saturn at Opposition
Saturn shines brightest June 10 through July 16, and will be at opposition to the Sun on June 27.