Survival of the Fittest – David Rives

We look around us and see such a vast diversity in life. Some would tell us that what we see is all part of an evolutionary process in which microscopic life forms evolved into newer and better speciation – A survival of the fittest over millions upon millions of years.

But why then is there such diversity? As the traits of an animal evolve, why does the old not fall into extinction?

A close look at the animal kingdom reveals a truly broad array of animals. Land animals or winged – carnivore or herbivore – insect and mammal – but what constitutes better evolutionary change?

Superior adaptation in the animal kingdom should eventually equal domination and replacement. Yet so many animals exist in equilibrium, sometimes forming symbiotic relationships, and each fulfilling a specific function in nature.

In the historical account of creation we learn that in the beginning, God created the animals and divided them by kinds. He then created man, and gave him dominion over all the animals.

I’m David Rives…
Truly the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.