What is a Quasar? | David Rives

In the 1950s astronomers were using radio telescopes to learn more about the heavens and they discovered something very strange. These objects, which they named “quasi-stellar objects” (Quasars for short), were small but extremely bright despite being very, very, very far away. What were they? Well, future research revealed Quasars are feeding black holes or … Read More

Hubble Carina Nebula Ice Spires by NASA?

Okay, so over the past few days I’ve encountered this quite a lot: Via Hubble The cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula Scientists are still trying 2 explain the beautiful spires pic.twitter.com/nNM6VOV2ZN — Trending Post (@Trending_Posts) January 30, 2015 In fact, because of my work in astro-photography and research in astronomy, I’ve gotten numerous … Read More